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Inside your home/business and out; we are here to help you do what you do.  Our company is your most reliable building maintenance, landscaping  and snow removal service in the area. With years of experience in commercial property management, we are proud of the relationships and solid reputations we have built with our clients.  

We are prepared to meet your home/building and landscaping needs--we even do sealcoat and line painting and signs. Are you tired of hiring one person for this, and one person for that, hoping you will get your monies worth without a headache? We have many skills and our own team of people that have proven themselves with us.  We are here to help you maintain everything in working order, and help you create the atmosphere for your own clients. Inside your business and out; we are here to help you do what you do.  

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Since our business opened, we have been using Ice B Gone Magic. Since it is less harsh on the environment, and safe for pets, it has been our top choice. It maintains parking lots in a wet condition at a much lower temperature that any other "Salts" that we have found.  Compare our lots with others around us, and the difference is obvious. Our clients have been very satisfied. Not to mention happy they are using the best product around. We use this on all of our parking lots we maintain.  It is also available in 5 gallon buckets for your personal use, or by the yard. You can pick up or we can deliver.
 It is important to ALL of us to have partnerships with local providers.  Over the years we have developed proven partnerships with local businesses for most of the materials we use. This helps keep cost lower, materials easier to obtain, and if there's a problem, they are available to help us find a solution. Supporting each other locally is one of the most important keys to a stronger economy and keeping ALL of our businesses strong.

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